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North Dakota Math Corps

Math Corps is an evidence-based math tutoring program delivered by AmeriCorps Members that provides 90 minutes of weekly tutoring to 4th-8th grade students in pairs to improve foundational math skills required for algebra readiness.


What are Math Corps services?

  • Math Corps is an evidence-based, standard protocol math intervention program developed by math experts and delivered in the school by Math Corps Tutors.
  • Trained Math Corps Tutors provide evidence-based interventions to students in grades 4 – 8 who are just below grade-level proficiency in math, based on their performance on the state accountability test.
  • The Tutor is trained to deliver an entire intervention package to Tier 2 students, including determining eligibility, delivering the interventions, progress monitoring, and formative assessment.
  • Math Corps interventions are aligned with Common Core State Standards and Minnesota State Math Standards.
  • The Tutor is supported at the school by a staff member called the INTERNAL COACH.
  • Each school also has two outside consultants that will visit the school regularly. The MASTER COACH provides support on content and the PROGRAM MANAGER provides support for program-related requirements.
  • The Math Corps program uses data for all decision-making (i.e., identifying students to tutor; targeting instruction; monitoring progress; exiting students).

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